Thursday, 19 March 2015

Penny University Coffee Roasters - Kingston, Canberra

Penny University is possibly the cutest venue in Canberra. Sure, it's a bit hipster, with the mismatched furniture and retro decor. Check out the adorable animal decals on the wall! 

It's a busy Saturday morning and all the inside seats are taken; we manage to get a seat inside the enclosed courtyard area which was great as it was a chilly Canberra morning and a tad too cold to brave the elements outdoors. 

Penny University menu

The breakfast at Penny University is on offer until 3pm - perfect for those lazy weekend brunches.



The coffee at Penny University is strong and smooth. Just what the doctor ordered when waking up at a crazy hour to watch the Balloon Spectacular. 


There's a range of tempting baked goodies on the counter that are hard to resist, including the delicious beignets. 

Miso snapper II

The menu is imaginative and different to your usual stock standard breakfast options.  My mum and I opt for the miso snapper to share.

The baked miso cod is topped on a toasted bagel with a fried egg, asparagus and corn puree. I enjoyed this dish immensely - the flavoursome charred corn and the perfectly cooked asparagus. It's not often you see fish (besides smoked salmon) on a breakfast menu, so it's a nice change.

Caramel and macadamia beignets

These were heavenly!! Not too sweet, and filled with little pieces of macadamia; it would have been even more amazing if these were served warm, but that is just a minor detail. 

Overall, I loved Penny University and could not fault our breakfast here. I'm jealous of all these fabulous cafes and cool restaurants that are popping up in Canberra - mental note to visit more often! 

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Messina Milk Bar & Black Star Pastry x N2 Gelato - Spectrum Now, The Domain

After seeing my Instagram flooded with all the amazing sweets at Spectrum Now festival markets, I made it my mission to go check it out one evening. 

The Messina stall is fashioned into a old style milk bar - very cute! 

All the ice creams on offer come in a bar and there are also thick shakes. It's hard to choose as all the ice creams look delicious. 

Messina The Bounty Hunter and Fully Sik Picnic

I decide on the 'The Bounty Hunter' due to the coconut and lychee combination. A milk and desiccated coconut  layered on coconut gelato and lychee mousse. The strip of tart passionfruit jelly in the middle helps to cut through the richness. 

I try a couple of bites of the 'Fully Sik Picnic' and it's heavenly. Gianduia Bianco gelato (white chocolate and hazelnut) with Dulce de Leche, hazelnut crunch base and Gianduia chocolate layered on top. 

Since it wasn't enough of a sugar overload, we wandered over to the Black Star Pastry x N2 stall to see what they had on offer. 

Plum Slinger

Such a pretty dessert, though all the flavours did not quite do it for me. The sandalwood pastry was nice and crisp, but the ginger lychee sorbet, freeze-dried plums, frankincense sugar and mint gel did not really go well together.

I have my eye on the cake smash gelato next time (strawberry watermelon cake in N2 form)

Spectrum Now is on from 11-29 March at The Domain.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

All Good Things Eatery - Kingsgrove, Sydney

On a recent wedding supplies procurement venture, we stopped at nearby All Good Things Eatery for a fuel stop. 

The eatery is a lovely and spacious light filled venue with ample seating inside and outside. It's a rainy day so we opt to sit inside. 

coffee kingsgrove

Heirloom carrot salad

A colourful collection of shaved heirloom carrots, radishes and farro

Hand cut chips with aioli 

Avocado on toast

Overall, a very enjoyable brunch. I couldn't go past the chunky hand cut chips - just what the doctor ordered on a cold rainy day! 

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Great Aunty Three - Surry Hills, Sydney

I love Great Aunty Three in Surry Hills for a quick, tasty and always fresh lunch option.  Located on the corner on Wentworth Avenue, it's a tiny but bright shop with a few seating options. 

It does get quite busy during lunchtime so I recommend getting takeaway and eating it outside in the sunshine. 

Vietnamese iced coffee

The iced coffee is smooth and delicious. Instant favourite for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Chicken vermicelli salad

The salads are always fresh and flavoursome. Great Aunty Three also does the salads without the vermicelli too - perfect if you're after something light. 

Mixed rice paper rolls

These are another lunch favourite; this particular box had one of each flavour - duck, chicken and pork.  

Highly recommend for a quick and tasty vietnamese lunch - the super delicious looking banh mi are on my go to list for next time! 

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sushi Hotaru - Bathurst Street, Sydney CBD

Sushi Hotaru's latest branch is located on Bathurst Street, a good alternative to the seemingly always packed branch at The Galeries Victoria. 

All the plates on the sushi train are $3, except the special plates, and everything is made fresh. There is also happy hour from 2:30-5:30pm daily. 

The touch screen makes ordering anything a breeze. No more trying to catch the attention of waitstaff in the middle of eating. It's also great for when you are indecisive and take your time in deciding, or want to stagger out your orders. 

Sushi train

Salmon sushi with tomato

The topping on this salmon sushi is like a salsa, which is an interesting combination as you don't usually find tomato in sushi or Japanese dishes. It's not bad, but not quite up my alley - I would pick a salmon/avocado combination hands down. 

LOL roll

Crispy prawn roll with a secret sauce. Not sure what the 'secret' sauce consists of, but it's pretty tasty, especially with a sprinkling of crispy bits on the top.

Tuna, avocado and salmon sushi

Volcano roll 

Aburi salmon and scallops rolls (can't go wrong with aburi!)

Tamago sushi

Lotus root chips

These were freshly fried and very addictive. 

Spicy seared scallop sushi

Because you can't have too many seared scallops... These had a slight touch of spiciness. 

Salmon and avocado sushi

Overall, a pretty good standard sushi train - the Bathurst street branch seems to be more spacious and the touch screen is a bonus too. 

missklicious and guest dined at Sushi Hotaru as guests of SD Marketing Global

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ichi-ban Boshi - The Galeries Victoria, Sydney

washoku lovers
Ichi-ban Boshi is one of the default places to go for ramen in Sydney. It is very popular and there is almost always a line up. It's always a good chance to pop into the fabulous book store next door, Kinokuniya, for a browse whilst you wait. 

ichiban boshi
Iced green tea cappuccino

I always order the green tea cappuccino - a milky green tea concoction that comes with a side of syrup for you to sweeten to your tastes. 

Iced coffee

The iced coffee comes with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Tempura salmon sushi

Having never eaten tempura sushi before, we decided to order this. I love sushi and tempura as separate items but  not quite sure about both together. The boy did enjoy this dish though. The hot chilli mayonnaise a nice spicy kick to it. 


These pan fried pork and vegetable gyoza are always a favourite. 

cold ramen sydney
Hiyashi Chuka

Available in summer only, these cold ramen noodles are served with shredded ham, egg and cucumber.  The sauce has a hint of ginger and is very appetising.

ichi ban boshi sydney
Aburi chashu-men

Thick slices of flame grilled roast pork served with ramen. I had a taste of the pork and it was so tender and tasty.

There is currently a cold noodle special promotion running at the moment where you can get a cold noodle dish plus a soft drink for $15. Perfect for the super hot days we've been having in Sydney lately! 

missklicious and guest dined at Ichi-ban Boshi courtesy of SD Marketing Global

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Yellow - Potts Point, Sydney

Brunch at Yellow in Potts Point is a last minute decision, after walking past during a city stroll. 

Yellow is a modern bistro, sister restaurant to Monopole and Bentley Restaurant and Bar. It's all about contemporary food served in a relaxed and informal setting.  We nab one of the few seats outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Brunch menu


A coffee to start the day, and also to have whilst we peruse over the menu options. 

Bellini & Eric Bourdelet french cider

Any excuse for breakfast bubbles will do! The bellini is fruity and goes down a treat; the cider tastes more like beer to me. 

Heirloom carrots, cavalo nero and buttermilk

Charred baby corn, tarragon and zucchini 

We opt for something light for brunch and end up choosing the two vegetarian small dishes. Both dishes are impressive looking and quite flavoursome. 

A nice little location for brunch and a wander to the Saturday Kings Cross markets afterward. I adore the flower stall there, $10 gets you two bunches of lovely seasonal flowers - can't beat that! 

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